"Out Land," a group show at the opening of a new art space in Tanger

"Out Land," a group show at the opening of a new art space in Tanger


The contemporary art space AEA has recently opened in Tangier with organizing a group exhibition titled "Out Land.

Saad Benseffaj 
The International Exhibition of books Tangier light takes major development sites in the region Tangier-Tetouan This new gallery, which came with the dynamics facing the middle of the visual arts in Tangier, brought together, for this first exhibition, six big names of the artistic landscape of Morocco, Melehi Mohamed, Abdelkrim Ouazzani, Saad Bin Cheffaj, Bouabid Bouzaid, Abdelbassit Ben Dahmane and Adil Rabih. 

These artists with various trends, experiences and references have  in common  their connection with the northern region, a region they were born in or where they exercise their talents. 

For the art critic Raihani Youssef, what unites these artists is simply their difference, "because it allows the differentiation and the existence of these works." 
The virtue of this exhibition is that it "creates the difference in Tangiers, a city of refuge, the ultimate difference." 

"Nevertheless, some collusion dissolves all these distances  and we can identify these works as different as they are. They have all opted for deterritorialization and wandering, and self-destructing and creating endless holes," he writes, saying that through these works, art is now ahead of nature and it is art which aspires to draw or sculpt and not otherwise. " 

The artistic director of the gallery, Rabih Adil said the exhibition aims to reconnect the links between a group of artists and the city of Tangier which has so inspired, as it did for many big international names. The choice of the city of Tangier to host this new gallery is motivated by the cultural dynamics of the city and the growing interest in visual art, he said, noting that if the city of Tetouan has the only institute dedicated the fine arts, Tangier saves many more acquisitions of works of art in the North, in addition to being the birthplace of several famous artists. This exhibition continues until 24 June. 

Wednesday June 1, 2011